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Migrating Java to HTML5

Our focus

Software Evolution, Transformation and Migration
Software Bridges

We create tools for bridging legacy software APIs to new environments. Save time and money using a bridge rather than rewriting all your code from scratch. Watch the demo >>

Software Migration

Benefit our skills in languages, parsers, and source code generators to help migrating your legacy software at lower cost. Watch the demo >>

Open Source

We rely on open source software and communities to build up the best bridging and migration tools for your own use cases and environments.

About us

R&D in Software Evolution and Transformation
Because Software requires constant innovation

CINCHEO is an organization created to support R&D and innovation in Software Engineering. Cinch, as a noun and a verb, holds both the meanings of simple and secure, which reflects CINCHEO’s goals: make software simple and as safe and sustainable as possible.

CINCHEO is working on solutions for transforming source code in order to target new execution environments (more details). Because software platforms and languages are in constant evolution, CINCHEO's R&D strives at creating bridges between them, so that legacy software can be easily made up-to-date and be sustainable.

At CINCHEO, we love developers and we love code. Most of our tools are Open Source and we rely on strong Open Source communities.

  • Java

    We have a strong expertise in Java compilers. We can help migrating and modernizing your legacy applications.

  • HTML5

    We can help you migrating your legacy applications to HTML5 environments (strong TypeScript expertise).

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